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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

I made it to page 8, and need to get back to work so I dont know if anyone on the latter pages brought this point up or not yet. But, I always thought it went something like this:

"We have high hopes, that if this is successful, it will generate enough power to keep us alive".

From TVH, after Cartwright hails the Yorktown.

Why is everyone so worried about the captain and crew of the Yorktown losing their ship to Kirk when its entirely possible they lost their lives to the probe?

Suddenly, Starfleet has a damaged, yet salvable ship with no crew to man her -- and the crew of the Enterprise just happens to deserve a ship. Rename her Enterprise, fix what appears to be broken (which, didn't happen obviously), and send them on their merry way.

I mean its kind of morbid, but it works....
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