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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The part where he yells "anybooooddddyyyyy" and is on the ledge overlooking the canyon looks "fuzzy". Did anyone else notice this, or is it only me?
Yes, I've noticed that on some scenes also. I also noticed the same issue in Code of Honor, when Yar is showing the holodeck to Lutan. If I remember right, it's just at the start of the scene where they walk onto the holodeck. Seems to have much less detail than normal. Just for a few seconds, the camera shot changes then and it's back to normal detail.
I think this has been discussed previously in one of these threads. I believe it's due to the use of a digital zoom. If you recall, in EaF in the shot where Q freezes the guy on the bridge they replaced the shot with a wider angle, presumably because the original effect was a digital zoom that became blurry. I believe this is the same thing, but instead of replacing the shot with the wider angle, they restored the zoom. Whether this was the best choice is debatable, depending on if you prefer a strict restoration of the original product or a liberal remastering for a better viewing experience.
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