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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Mine does the same. I get fullscreen (16:9) for the SD promos and 4:3 for the HD episodes.
I think I can explain this. The SD promos are stored on the disc in 480p (720x480). This is a 4:3 resolution. Your TV detects this and stretches/zooms/whatever to 16:9.

For the episodes themselves, the files are 1080p, and the resolution is 1920x1080. This is 16:9. The left and right of the image have black bars. (See here: ) Most TV's will see the content as being 16:9 (which it is, technically) and not alter it. The black bars on the left and right are stored as part of the video image itself.

Hope that makes sense.

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The part where he yells "anybooooddddyyyyy" and is on the ledge overlooking the canyon looks "fuzzy". Did anyone else notice this, or is it only me?
Yes, I've noticed that on some scenes also. I also noticed the same issue in Code of Honor, when Yar is showing the holodeck to Lutan. If I remember right, it's just at the start of the scene where they walk onto the holodeck. Seems to have much less detail than normal. Just for a few seconds, the camera shot changes then and it's back to normal detail.

Also, I posted this in the other thread, maybe I shouldn't double post, but there's an issue with the audio on my setup on episode 11, Haven. (Seems to be seperate from the previously reported issues). From 28 minutes on, there's a noticeable echo on the audio. Anyone else notice this?
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