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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

After two weeks on vacation I am back and craving Trek!!


Janeways’s hair definitely grew many episodes ago was it short?---4 or 5?? Besides me nit-picking I rather liked the opener. I enjoy seeing the crew out of uniform, and a good fight scene is always exciting. Janeway is desperate enough to not let Neelix haggle on a price. Neelix really does come in handy. He has awesome connections throughout the galaxy, and a cache of hidden talents!!

After the fight, Tuvok and B’Elanna are taken prisoner by the Makra, and Janeway is taken in by a crazy fellow who seems to think Janeway is his daughter. He rambles on about his wife, who is in prison, and tries to get Janeway to write another letter to her for him. He gives her a necklace that belonged to the mother, and insists that she takes it. Meanwhile, Neelix makes it back to the ship and Harry Kim fixes the warp drive. Once power is restored, Chakotay attempts diplomatic means with the Makra Augris, who seems to be helpful. Neelix tells him that Augris was downright helpful, and that is very unlike a Makra.

Augris is, in fact, the one holding the crew. Tuvok and B’Ellana are being interrogated, and Tuvok is tortured horribly. B’Elanna asks him how he doesn’t feel angry about what they’ve done to him, and how he doesn’t want to do something to them. He responds (in a very Vulcan fashion) that the only thing he can do to them is resist. By not yielding, he harms them by not giving them the information that they want. I wouldn’t have minded a grimace from Tuvok though.

Janeway is trying to find a contact in the resistance, but the first lead she has is a man about to be arrested on the street that she saw the day before at the attack. Augris stops him to interrogate him, but Caylem wanders in front of them and starts goofing around for the crowd. Distracted by the guards, the resistance member slips away and talks to Janeway. She needs weapons to get into the prison, but he won’t give them to her without payment. She has no money, but Caylem convinces her to pay with the mother’s necklace. The next day, she waits for the weapons drop from a man in a blue vest. As she approaches him, she sees that he has military boots on and realizes that the resistance member must have been captured. Caylem doesn’t think there will be any way in now, but she sees some women going into the prison. The only way in appears to be for Janeway to pose as a groupie/prostitute for the guards.

Janeway slips into the prison, and tempts the guards with her wily, seductive ways, and then roughs them up. She leaves Caylem behind, and runs into the resistance member from the previous day. He knows where the crew is and Janeway frees Tuvok and B’Ellana. However, Caylem appears and Janeway decides to send Tuvok and B’Ellana on so she can help save Caylem’s wife. I respect this decision. She could have left the crazy old kook to himself, but she returns the kindness he showed her. I think this type of behavior only reinforces how awesome Janeway’s character is. Before any of them go any further, though, Augris shows up and recaptures them.

On Voyager, Chakotay and Kim are working on a beam out solution, but as they attempt Kim’s idea, it fails miserably and Augris opens fire. Voyager hides in an ion storm, but is running out of time.

Augris tells Janeway that Caylem has been coming to the prison for 12 years trying to free his dead wife, but he usually never makes it to the outer gate before he gets sent back on his way. Augris pulls the knife that he took from the guard, and there’s a struggle. Tuvok gets a phaser and opens fire. Caylem gets shot and falls to the ground, but in doing so, manages to stab Augris in the chest. The guards withdraw (despite having Tuvok out gunned and pinned down). Janeway tells Caylem that his wife is alive and free, giving him satisfaction before he dies.

Favorite part: Was Caylem holding a Qutluch?!? It kind of looked like one, and either way it made me smile!! Also, I enjoyed an episode off of the ship where they had a chance to interact with different characters. This episode showed a lot of character strength for Janeway.

Least favorite part: PATHETIC MILITARY FORCE! How can they hold ANYONE prisoner when they have guards that: 1. Let a potential resistance force member walk away 2. Let Janeway seduce them (it wasn’t THAT dark in the prison) 3. Withdraw against a potential prison break and riot….
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