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Afraid not. Never been into comics all that much.

Besides there are loads of others who make micros of Marvel, DC and other characters, these ones are all in my head so I get to share them
Neat. I'm a creator myself, I mainly make DC micros (mainly Green Lantern), I make a few Marvels, and I'm also moving onto film micros. I've always fancied doing some trek ones sometime, but I can't realy make trousers very well, and I avoid using templates as often as I can. Neat work still!
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The U.S.S. K’Shod is the second Aerie-Class patrol scout in the Third Squadron. Assigned just after the Talarian Incursion, the crew of the K’Shod has a very different approach to things than the H'krii.

Like her sister ship however, the K’Shod spends its time quietly watching the border for activity, ready to sound the alert should the Talarians try anything again, but also more than capable of handling the occassional smuggler or raider.

Wow, still making some great characters dude!
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