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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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It was definitely a good adaptation of the character... but I still don't know if Bane's really a worthy enough villain to be Batman's big, final opponent.

Beyond the physical thing I just didn't find him all that interesting here.
He hasn't been around as long as other classic villains, but when he did appear in the 90s, he was interesting and was portrayed as the mother of all villains. He's the one who broke the Batman. I think he's worthy of being a big final villain in a movie.

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Yet, I'm saddened we never got a Riddler, Penguin, Black Mask or Croc showing in a Nolan film.
Croc? In na NOLAN film? You may as well throw in Mr. Freeze, while you're at it. Played by Arnold.
I would have loved to have seen Mr. Freeze.

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Wait a second, people are actually silly enough to think TDKR has some sort of ambiguous ending? I know people want to read into it like Inception or something, but it is a pretty cut and dry ending. Forbes puts it succinctly.

First of all, let me clear one thing up right away — yes, Bruce Wayne really is still alive at the end. For some reason that escapes me, a segment of fans are insisting it’s “open to interpretation” whether Bruce actually is sitting in that cafe, or if it’s just Alfred’s imagination. But there should be no confusion, the shot of Bruce at the cafe comes amid a montage of scenes showing each person close to Bruce finding out a bit of information revealing Bruce survived the nuclear blast. Lucius finds out Bruce secretly did repair the autopilot on “the Bat,” Gordon finds a repaired bat-signal on the roof of the MCU (contrary to some reviewer’s misunderstanding, Gordon didn’t repair it himself, he walks up and looks shocked to find the new bat-signal, runs a hand over it, grins, and looks around, all in the montage about Bruce’s actions), John Blake gets a big bag full of equipment and a GPS locator, and Alfred gets Bruce’s money and then sees Bruce at the cafe. Bruce’s arc ends with him finally being able to move on with his life, and without that fulfillment Bruce would actually have no true character arc (getting his back fixed and climbing out of the hole to fight Bane again is not a full arc, for those inclined to say the climb out of the pit is the major point in his arc).
Sure, the ending is chock full of rather outlandish implausible elements, but the entire trilogy has problems of that nature. It does not equate to Nolan pulling some tricky ambiguous ending that runs counter to anything seen in the films previously.
Thanks for that. I assumed that only Alfred and Fox knew that Bruce was still alive. I didn't think that Gordon or Blake knew. A new batsignal and a bag didn't seem like evidence that Bruce was still out there.
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