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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Thanks for the information. I'm going to look for that book at the used bookstore tomorrow. Is there a thread to discuss episodes as I watch them or should I start a thread? I watched "Worst Case Scenario" today and liked it. I am also really liking how gradually the Paris/Torres relationship is building. I remember seeing the episode in its original run where they are in space and B'Elanna tells Tom she loves him. I was so amazed that two characters on a Trek show had actually acknowledged their feelings. I was just so used to that never happening on TNG.
You're welcome

That novel in particular may be hard to come by at a used bookstore (depending on where you go). If you can't find one there, then I would suggest trying Amazon or the iBook store on iTunes (they even have an audio version read by Kate Mulgrew herself! ).

There have been a few other threads started by people who are watching Voyager for the first time or re-watching it. I would suggest starting your own thread.

There is much more P/T yet to come on the show, believe me
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