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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Still no response from Shamasters on their forum, and tweets to Media 10 don't seem to be arriving. No directly sent tweets from anyone other than Media 10 have gone up on the DSTL twitter feed for weeks, while the official FB page has got more dust on it than my mantlepiece.

I can't see any way this event will go ahead. People should prepare themselves for the mother of all excuses.

The post below has been cut and pasted from the Shamasters forum before it "disappears". Clearly written by someone who's first language isn't English (no, not Joiner), so apologies for some of the not quite so good wording.

It has always said and still says upgrades will be available once you purchase the basic tickets. However the ticket line has no info on if that is true or not and clearly others have found it is not true. They also said there are no refunds if you purchase a basic ticket and then find you cannot upgrade to the Opening Ceremony. That is criminal and has me thinking to just call it all off and not buy anything or go at all. I have no interest in the "package goodies" and just want to get in and see the autographs or photos and frankly the way Showmasters is being with information I don't trust that you would even get what the packages claim. Shame on your Showmasters for misleading people with vague language.

And double dumb ass on Joiner too.

And roger me with a large cucumber, it's just been "disappeared"!

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