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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The only issue with that is in the closing moments you see three things in this order:
-Batman in the cockpit
-timer on the bomb to :05 seconds
-Blake on the bridge viewing the bomb going off

How much minimum safe distance can you get on 6 mile blast radius in 5 seconds?
He's not Superman, no ejection system is going to get that accomplished. It's suddenly asking for lots of suspension of disbelief in a saga that more or less has enjoyed being steeped in a mostly real world of application toys for Batman. Furthermore with Blake and others watching how would you not see an "escape moment"?
As others have pointed out, the scene is deliberately edited such that we are MISLED to think there was insufficient time to escape, so that it will come as a surprise that he did. How much time passed between the last shot of him in the cockpit and the last shot of the timer? Impossible to say. Sufficient time. As for seeing him escape, all they saw was a mushroom cloud way off on the horizon. Too far away for them to observe his escape.

As I tried to point out with other examples from the previous films, the oft-toted "realism" thing was always more of an aesthetic choice than anything else. Stuff that looks realistic but isn't actually. Stuff that may be relatively realistic compared to some of the sillier comics and previous adaptations perhaps, but still well into the realm of action movie fantasy.
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