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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Why do they make a point of saying the Nationals are "the first Washington based team" to be 20 games over .500 since 1933?

There have been what, 3 (now) major league "Washington based" teams since 1933? The one that became the Twins & the one that became the Rangers, plus the Nats.

It's not like it's the same team Though it might be the first time the Nats/Expos have been 20 games over.
It's MLB, where reporters spray their shorts anytime they can make a historical reference that dates back before WWII.

The so-and-sos are the first team since 1900 with 3 guys on the team named Fred, 2 lefties that have pitched on consecutive Tuesdays, and a manager who spanks it while watching the team shower on the road.

See, it sounds important and full of gravitas.
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