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Re: General Music Thread

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Incidentally, I posted this in our Lounge this evening: find out what your music stereotype is...
That is completely stupid.

I put Queen, Ry Cooder, Stone Temple Pilots, Bjork, The Cult and Janelle Monae, and it says I am a True Grunger

Because I put STP presumably, who aren't even a grunge band. Certainly none of the others are.
Just saw this thread and tried this tonight...mostly because I was curious as to how someone whose favorite band is Queen ended up with a Grunger stereotype.

Unsurprisingly, I was also labeled a True Grunger...although in my case, it happens to be pretty accurate. However, the bands that I typed in to get that label were:

Pearl Jam (duh!)
Avenged Sevenfold
Bruce Springsteen
Alice in Chains
Dire Straits
The Police
Alter Bridge

Kind of tried to put in a representative sample.

Two of these are decidedly grunge bands (Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains), but the presence of Springsteen, Dire Straits and The Police might just as well have suggested I was mainly a classic rock fan...and the rest might suggest I am more of a current hard rock/metal fan.

My verdict: it got it right in my case...but not really because of what I actually typed in the box.

Odd little exercise.

BTW, am sorry to hear that the Queen remastered vinyls did not come out well. Is that an opinion that is held by a lot of others who purchased them? It's really too bad - Queen deserves much more than that.....
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