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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Borg aren't zombies, because the sexy moments are when the tubules go in. Direct visual analogue to biting.
You have a lot of great theories but I'm not sure I'm biting (no pun) on this one.
That particular theory has occurred to me, too - unpack vampires all the way, and you end up with transgressive sex, and the same is true of the Borg. That's why the picky little details like sensitivity to sun or even drinking blood don't matter. People like vampires for the sexual component and that tends to overwhelm all other attributes.

To the extent that faux-vampires like the Borg and the Wraith work, they tap into the sexual aspect of vampires. So you could change the details around a lot, and still have something that is vampiric at its core. and more importantly, will draw an audience.
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