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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Ted - free admission
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D - free admission
Powder Blue - DVD
Crazy, Stupid Love - HBO
To Rome With Love - free admission
The Do Deca Pentathlon - free admission
ZAAT! - free admission
Manhattan - free admission
Extraterrestre - free admission
Magic Mike - free admission
Coraline 3D - free admission
Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D - free admission
Beasts of the Southern Wild - free admission
The Dark Knight Rises - matinee
Savages - matinee
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut - DVD
Class of 1984 (1982) - free admission
Dracula II: Ascension - DVD
Dracula III: Legacy - DVD
The Watch - free admission

Watched the two direct-to-DVD sequels for Dracula 2000 this mornin' before comin' into work. Had 'em on a double feature DVD, which made it pretty easy to just get through 'em.

Dracula's burned corpse from the end of the first movie is taken to a New Orleans morgue, where the EMT & coroner/med student decide to keep the body because it is so obviously a vampire, and get together with their friends to resurrect it.

Hijinks ensue.

The second sequel picks up immediately after the first, with the two survivors tracin' Dracula (played by Rutger Hauer) back to Eastern Europe and gettin' involved with the political rebellion of the region and the folks tryin' to fight Dracula's growin' army of vampires.

Very "meh" about both movies, but they did put me over two hundred new to me movies for the year!

- edit, to add -

Got cut an hour into my shift today, so I went to see The Watch starrin' Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn & Jonah Hill.

Fairly dumb movie that had dialogue & jokes that felt like outtakes that would run durin' the credits...but, it had a nice cameo of R Lee Ermey bein' awesome and Doug Jones played the alien, so that was cool.

Thinkin' about goin' to see TDKR again, since my theater isn't showin' Klown 'til ten tonight...gotta kill time somehow.
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