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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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t sounds as if you're reacting to the word "intrinsic" as if it were some kind of value judgment, as if it were somehow offensive to say something wasn't intrinsic.
Nope, that is not what I wrote nor does it resemble what I wrote.

I'm pointing out that this use of intrinsic makes it a meaningless tautology.

Working with this logic, the intrinsic property of a vampire story is:

Something that is called a vampire is in the story.

If I wrote a story about a race of people who are secretly ancient sea monsters called vampires, who mostly eat kelp? Boom. That's a vampire story. Maybe they also live in dusty old castles in Eastern Europe and opine they don't drink wine (because they'd rather eat kelp), but that's kind of a big difference there.

And that's all well and good, obviously. There have never been a canonical set of 'rules' that vampire stories have needed to follow, or that you could find to be true of all the most famous/popular/acclaimed/your personal list of best vampire stories.

But you're not left with any 'intrinsic vampire lore' to fall back on. Death by sunlight isn't being excluded from a canon, there is no such canon.
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