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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Well Donner's leaving was a childish I think anyway, since he left because he wasn't going to have complete control over the final edit of the movie...
It's not unusual for a director to want the final cut of a movie to see that his full vision makes to screen. Besides, my understanding on Donner's leaving had more to do with the studio not being satisfied with his ability stay on schedule and budget with the first movie.
This is from the Donner Cut article at Wiki.

Tensions had existed between the Salkinds and Richard Donner throughout the almost nineteen months of filming it had taken to complete Superman and most of Superman II. The producers blamed the director for going wildly over budget and schedule. Donner claims he was never given a budget, nor a schedule. In the commentary track on the 2006 DVD release of the theatrical version of Superman II, co-producer Pierre Spengler recounts that Donner was indeed invited to return to complete the film as director, but, according to an Army Archerd/Variety magazine interview, Donner declared that if Spengler remained on the picture, Donner himself would not return to direct. In the same commentary, Ilya Salkind states the removal of Spengler was allegedly one of many demands made by Donner, who, he claimed, also wanted final cut of the film and more control over the production, demands to which the Salkinds weren't willing to agree.
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