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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Just finished reading Angel and Faith #12..."Family Reunion" has been awesome so far. As I stated last issue, this crossover has felt most like an episode of the series. Connor takes centre stage as we learn about his time in Quor'toth (yeah I probably spelled that wrong) and the cliffhanger was awesome! This is finally starting to get really good again.
Who knew when we watched the show that Connor would one day be the most likeable and most responsible character in the cast of Angel, Willow and Faith?

So if Connor's family has lost their fake memories, does that also mean that the Scoobies have lost their fake memories of Dawn? What about Dawn herself? Did she keep her own fake memories or does she also remember them as a movie she saw? I suppose not, since that would be even weirder/more traumatic, and she's seemed normal.

With Willow's warning about people becoming a darker version of themselves in Quor'toth, I bet we'll see something like that with Angel, Willow (who's totally bullshitting when she says her magic is protecting her from that - WTF? Since when does it work that way, magic certainly didn't protect her from darkness before!) and Faith... Lots of potential for conflict! It's good to see Faith express doubts in Angel's behavior instead of blindly worhiping him, but why doesn't she just tell him that to his face, instead of looking for allies and gossiping about him? And the Connor/Angel relationship is far too harmonious now - something bad is bound to happen soon!
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