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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Really, I'm no fan with how Lois was used in the Superman movies, really any of them (though she was slightly better in "Returns." I hope MoS gets her better.

I think the TV series and movie serial versions of Lois were done very well, Lois in "Lois & Clark" was very good and even Durance in "Smallville" didn't do too bad a job towards the later seasons.

Well Donner's leaving was a childish I think anyway, since he left because he wasn't going to have complete control over the final edit of the movie...
It's not unusual for a director to want the final cut of a movie to see that his full vision makes to screen. Besides, my understanding on Donner's leaving had more to do with the studio not being satisfied with his ability stay on schedule and budget with the first movie.
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