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Re: What's next for Batman...

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Loved the Nolan movies but am ready for something different.

I'd like to see a Batman franchise that takes itself seriously enough in tone but has a place for heroics. A costume that isn't completely body armor, villains like Clayface, the Lazerous pit, killer Croc, basically the tone of the 90s animated series or something that's truer to the tone of the comics.
Agreed. Tone-wise, I'm thinking they should aim for something akin to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies: The characters are taken seriously but the sci-fi concepts are broad.

Although, prior to his involvement with Man of Steel, there were rumors that Zack Snyder was going to direct a very faithful adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns. And, much as I thought he totally missed the point of Watchmen, I think he has the perfect sensibility to adapt Frank Miller's work.

I agree origin stories are overrated. The Amazing Spider-Man spent a lot of time rehashing the origin story without really adding anything new to it that we didn't already get in the 2002 movie. And if the studios need a financial incentive, I would just like to point out that both Batman (1989) and The Dark Knight made more money than Batman Begins. And The Avengers made more money than pretty much anything and didn't feature anyone's origin stories.
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