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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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What's great about the "hand in fire" scene is that it basically trapped Clark into telling the truth! What else could he do?!
No, it didn't trap him at all. There is no way in hell that Kal-El of Krypton is going to actually trip and put his hand in the fire by accident. Clark's clumsiness is all an act. It was even stated in dialogue that Clark pretty much did it on purpose, at least subconsciously, in order to reveal himself to Lois. So it's still a situation where the man takes the initiative and the woman just reacts. The original Donner version, the audition version, is far different: Lois is the one who forces the issue by shooting Clark and making him think she's outed him. She's the initiator there. And she's smarter than Lester's Lois because she wasn't actually convinced by Clark's deception earlier.

Honestly, that's what I assume happened "off camera" somewhere anyway. Not that Superman has "amnesia kiss" as one of his powers where he can selectively edit someone's brain. He simply concocted something up in the FoS, put it on his lips and the chemical was able to edit Lois' brain and memory of Clark being Superman.
Nope, the super-hypnotism explanation is probably the best one in terms of the Silver/Bronze-Age Superman we're talking about here. Although it's pretty creepy that he uses hypnotism to manipulate a woman's mind while kissing her.

I don't care for the "amnesia kiss" at all, though. In my preferred version, as I said in my blog review, the Donner Cut ends just after Superman flies off Lois's balcony; there's no second turning back of time and no amnesia kiss. Lois just remembers that Clark is Superman, and learns to live with that and keep his secret. And that doesn't even contradict Superman III, since Lois is hardly in that movie and does show some jealousy toward Lana at the end, something she wouldn't have done if she still thought of Clark as just an ordinary coworker. (It does contradict IV, but who cares? And it contradicts Returns, but that movie's pretense of being in the same continuity falls apart if you simply look at a calendar.)
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