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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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And CBS is using a Spirit DataCine film scanner, which always scans the film initially at 4K, holds that image in the frame buffer and can down-res on the fly to whatever resolution is needed... in this case, 2K.
For clarification, as you seem to be the resident expert on this, did CBS edit this in 4K, using the full resolution of the scanner, or did they down-convert it before the editing process? I think the root of the question is, has the work been done if they choose to release a 4K version or would they have to go through this process again? I would tend to believe CBS would future-proof this as much as possible to save money and time.
TNG-R is being mastered in 2K. 4K post is virtually non-existent in the TV world, even now. Even many films don't go through a full 4K post process. For instance, Prometheus was completed in 2K (stereoscopic) to avoid inflating the post-production budget by a factor of four (4K is four times the resolution of 2K, so four times the cost!).
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