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Re: William Shatner wants to return as Jim Kirk in Abramís Universe...

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In all honesty, any story line about the return of Kirk Prime will suck considering the fact that his dead
Good thing the likelihood of a storyline featuring Shatner as a returning KirkPrime is just about nil, then, isn't it?

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The interviewer asks him:Is there any chance you can be in the next or a future Star Trek?

And he simply answer: Well, I would love to.
Exactly. Just like all those other times over the last four years when Shatner was asked essentially the same question.

It costs Shatner nothing to say "Sure, I'd love to!" (again) and he gets his name mentioned in connection with the movie (again). The rest of his answer (as quoted by TrekWeb) makes it plain that he's not taking the idea seriously at all, but sure, why not say that?
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