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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

You'll see that Joiner deliberately posted one of his cut and paste crib sheet responses in a different thread to the one where all the action was so that he could evade having to sort out the huge can of bullshit which has been opened up by Media 10.

My suspicion would be that Media 10 have let slip something Joiner doesn't want anyone to know, and now he's slithered under his rock like the snake that he is, not that he's come out from under that rock since all the LFCC fuck ups.

If he'd sold a load of silver/gold tickets, he wouldn't be so clearly gagging for money that he's now apparently banned anyone on general admittance from attending the 5 Captains talk.

He's again come out with the abject rubbish that he's sold loads of tickets and that the event will be a sell out. Hardly anyone even posts on the DSTL forum anymore FFS, and no more than about 800 people have turned up to a UK Trek con in decades.

Come on, Joiner! Show us all what a big man you are.
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