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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Borg aren't zombies, because the sexy moments are when the tubules go in. Direct visual analogue to biting. The zombie imagery with the Borg is pretty close to the real Haitian zombi mythology, shuffling resurrected slaves. Very little of the modern zombies iconology has to do with that. The coincidence in names merely occasionally confuses, as in thinking the Borg are zombies. The Borg started as "technology" run amok, manifesting a very old Trek theme of technology as metaphor for the repression imposed by society.

Modern zombies in another time would have been called "ghouls." Not so long ago, either. Stephen King in his book on horror stories cited the Big Five in horror as the Vampire, the Werewolf, the Witch, the Ghost and the Ghoul, if I remember correctly. The ghoul/zombie is more or less the embodiment of fear of the lower orders, the mindless masses who want to take everything we have (eat us.)

Mnd control horror stories and dystopias are the real equivalent of the Haitian zombi. As for vampires in space, it's been done by Neal Asher in some tiresome book I couldn't finish and forgot the name of. Some gibberish about vampires as another species. The vamp of course was the captain of the spaceship. Then they meet something even worse.
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