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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I had no problem with the hand in the fire scene in the second movie since Clark did love Lois and had to be truthful to her about who he was. Right after the interview in the first movie and he showed up as Clark, Lois went to go get ready to go, Clark straightened up lowered his and took off his glasses to tell Lois then and there who he was, I think that was just part of his upbringing that he be honest with his loved ones. I think Clark had falled for Lois right off the bat but it took Superman to geet to her.
Ever notice in that scene, after he flys away at the end of the interview, to when Clark knocks at the door, there is NO the book on the making of the film, it tells how they did that intentionally, they got Reeve out of shot, out of the flying harness, into Clark's suit and recombed his hair without stopping the camera.
That's strange because I thought in the commentary Donner said there were six months between Superman taking off the roof and Clark entering the door.
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