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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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A full second season that was cut short because of a writers strike. Another thing I want to see as part of this new in depth documentary, that I am praising to no end because it was just so good, is a footage filled discussion on the writers strike (Heck, that can be part 2 if they split it in parts like they did here) and how that impacted the season. I've heard stories of them using plots from Star Trek Phase II and various reasons for the clip show, but if this Doc is allowing them to go in depth, than do it. Yeah it might be stuff we've heard before, but there was a lot from the documentary last night that I hadn't heard before so indulge me.
There is some info on this in the upcoming book Star Trek: The Next Generation 365. Not a ton--but enough to substantiate some of what you've heard about the shortened season, the Phase II scripts and the infamous clip episode.
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