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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Vampires in space would be tough to pull off, because everywhere in interplanetary space is sunlit except for the umbrae of planets and moons. Maybe vamps could travel through space so long as they stayed in windowless compartments or in their coffins, but they'd have to spend most of their time on the dark sides of planets or moons. And even that's problematical. Any habitat on Luna would spend two whole weeks in daylight, followed by two weeks of darkness. (Though that tradeoff might be worth it. Isn't there a vampire story called 30 Days of Night that does something similar with the Arctic Circle?)

And what about werewolves? What would happen if, say, a werewolf were in orbit of the Moon and perceived it full once every 30 minutes or so? What if a werewolf were on the Lunar dayside? And would, say, the moons of Jupiter have the same effect, or is it uniquely Earth's Moon?
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