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Re: Holy ....! Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover coming From IDW!

I preordered the issues and have read all three so far. Fair enough im late to chat about it all but shit gets in the way.

I think theyre brilliant, the art is simply astounding.

Thay have sucessfully captured the likenesses of all characters involved and even have the current style of humour injected into the story.

I loved the instant-memory-creation-come-flashback in issue 3 as time is obviously being messed with, the art and fourth Doctor humour was briliantly done.

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Finally. This is the issue that I've been waiting for, art issues aside, this was exceptionally fun! The art they used for the Fourth Doctor and TOS bits was outstandingly awesome. The jelly baby scene with Spock was hilarious. Kirk using his judo moves against the Cybermen was fun! The characterization was really tight in this issue, as it has been in all three issues. I geeked out with the reveal on the last page! Next month should be really interesting indeed.
I loved that too. Kirk says hell hold them off and does hi heric captain thing, but it isnt over parodied, its a nice funny reference to Kirks brash trademark scraps.

So far im impressed.

Edit: Admiral Young. Love the Man of Steel avatar. That poster of Supes from SDCC is amazing. And the trailer attatched to TDKR was awesome, the sonic boom hits you in the chest in the theatre. Heres hoping Snyder can deliver what we all wanted in 2006.
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