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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

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Given how easily Futurama characters can be cut to pieces and put back together, or otherwise survive horrible dismemberments, I'm increasingly convinced that everyone in the 31st century is a beneficiary of advanced nanotechnological augmentation, with sophisticated self-repair systems.
Yeah, that's the only way to make things make sense even within the context of the show itself. Casual dismemberment comes up a lot (In A Clockwork Origin how Amy casually lops off a finger, which winds up in the soup.)

Fry obviously got "infected" with whatever it is pretty soon after waking (he has an arm snipped off in Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love).

I was wondering why they'd bury dead robots, but then I remembered The Honking had a cemetary by the castle on Thermostadt. So it wasn't the first time.

Next week's episode sounds really disgusting.
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