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In other news, I'm planning to order a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2: plus an AT2035 Microphone along with a software package called Ableton Live Intro. The quality you get with those things is really nice, I've tried them. I can finally start recording properly! Just a month or so and I'll have them all.
Once I'm happy with it... I guess I could upload myself singing. Not for another couple of months at least, but I will get it done. Once I've done a few covers I might even try a bit of writing.
I use Ableton Live, it really is superb. Everything is laid out so well, you can get the hang of it fairly easily. The thing I had the most trouble with was setting all the levels correctly to avoid any distortion, still not got that perfect.

I don't know anything about the interface, but it looks nice. I use an internal M-Audio soundcard with a breakout box for live recording, but I am thinking about going for something all external like that myself. Do you know if it has Phantom Power?
So it goes.
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