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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x22 - "Ascension" (part 3 of 3). SEASON FINALE

Yeah, I was just thinking about it as I was reading further today. After Destiny (that is, into "season 13"), A Singular Destiny and Rough Beasts would be the two main threads, since they take place over several months each anyway. The end of Rough Beasts would be the end of Season 13, with Sisko's acceptance of his new place on the Robinson.

And then I think Season 14 would start with Zero Sum Game (mixed in with the bits that crossover into it from PoN), since it launches this continuing thread about the Typhon Pact trying to acquire slipstream technology. And the rest of PoN and RtD would spread out over the rest of Season 14.

I've read far enough into PoN now to see the bits that are slightly inconsistent with what I've written:
  • That Kira deciding to join the church was what inspired her to resign as captain (which I wrote as the other way around)
  • That Taran'atar made some grand final gesture (but I don't think he can be dead, since ZSG stated he was just out there in the GQ)
  • That Vaughn commanded the station before Ro (although I have a workaround for that)
  • That the Gryphon was not destroyed and Cardok is still alive (I killed them both off in 10x12 "Heresy")
But I was right about Cenn being First Officer, and about something disastrous happening to the Even Odds. I also like that Candlewood is now Chief Science Officer (although I had him as one of Nog's engineering crew, but then people can always transfer), because I made him gay in 10x03 "Steppin' Out," so I choose to see that as another gay senior officer in the TrekLit verse

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