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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

1. The Naked Now: A story that duplicates the intent of the TOS episode Naked Time...showing us what these character's secret desires are and bring them to the surface. This is more effective because all the characters, including Kirk are very controlled in many STNG the characters were less defined by episode 2, and possibly the reveals were either too obvious (Geordi's desire to see normally) or simply less dramatic. The humor level, while high, was't quite as effective as in the original episode. What doesn't bother me is the fact they decided to parallel TOS so early...I think an episode or two that shows us something similar from TOS could help set up the show for fans and newbies alike.

Looking back on it now, Naked Now feels better than I originally remember than in 1987. It's faster paced, looks well-made and is generally solid. Some priceless moments come from Data and his introduction to sex as well as his reappearance on the bridge afterwards. The HD version gives us breathtaking visuals, improved mattes, contrast, and the star looks more dynamic as it prepares to blow off it's material. Despite this, I see no significant reason to increase the rating, though obviously I recommend the HD version over the SD one. Original: ***1/2 of ***** HD: ***1/2

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