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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I was wondering if anyone else might notice that!
Well in this at least, the UK Blu-ray got it right.
'Disc Four' really *is* Disc Four!

(I just checked my set!)
Does your UK set have the audio defects with the 7.1 channel stream? If it doesn't, then it tells me the audio problem occurred in the authoring stage of the US version.
I dunno abt the 7.1 channel problems, I`m not sure if it could tell as I don`t have a 7.1 setup at home.

But I`ve already noticed a problem on the 2.0 track.
In the opening credits of 'Encounter at Farpoint'
the sounds effects of the Ent-D, are out of synch with
the images!

Given that this problem has been reported on the US release as well, I suppose that we can assume the UK blu-ray is just as buggy as the US one!
(and I assume the Australian one will be when that is released here next week!)

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