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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Hi everyone! I'm a new Voyager fan. TNG is my absolute favorite, but I have been watching Voyager on Netflix and really enjoying it. I'm halfway through season 3 right now. I missed most of the early seasons the first time around because I was in college and didn't always have access to a tv. I did catch more episodes of the later seasons, but this is my first time straight through all of the episodes and I am really enjoying it much more than I expected. I always thought Janeway was nuts, but she has really grown on me. I have a question about her. I hve been reading some fanfiction and several stories have mentioned that Janeway was in a shuttle accident that killed her father and first fiance. Is this mentioned in the episodes or novels or is this just an invention of the fanfic writers?
Hello and welcome

After Voyager, TNG is my favourite series, so you are in good company here. And I am happy to hear that Janeway has grown on you.

In regards to your question about Janeway: that is a storyline primarily mentioned in the novel Mosaic, which is essentially Janeway's biography. We do learn in an episode that her father was killed in a shuttle crash on Tau Ceti Prime, but in the novel we learn that this crash also included her first fiancÚ Justin Tighe.
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