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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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^ Always found it really sucky that Blu-ray continues to use baked-in raster subtitles. The software machinery that the spec requires to read a disc is certainly sophisticated enough that on-the-fly player-side rendering, and thus more user-customization, would be possible. Maybe they wanted to avoid the legal pitfalls / licensing costs of font file formats and rendering engines.
Yup, the only advantage that the analog-based DVD format has over Blu-Ray is that DVDs are capable of transmitting captions on line 21 for decoding by the television. Captions have always been better, because they typically are descriptive audio captions as well (example; [PHASERS FIRING] ) but, SDH subtitles are becoming more prevalent. Thank goodness. The ST TNG S1 set has SDH subtitles, which I'm grateful for, because there is no difference between Closed Captions and SDH subtitles, content wise.
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