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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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the fourth disc was mistakenly labeled as Star Trek TNG S1 D5 although the menu says Disc four. Inexcusable really. Was someone asleep at the authoring controls? Wow.
I was wondering if anyone else might notice that!
I certainly did! I had to rename the disc after copying it to my computer. I copied all the discs to my computer, and then individually de-muxed out the episodes. I do this because, honestly, the subtitles found on most blu-rays, including this particular set, are shit. A transparent background, to appease hearing people that don't want the subtitles to "get in the way". So, after de-muxing the episodes out, along with the .sup files, I OCR the .sup files to .srt files. This way, I can change the font, size of font, and lastly, add in a black opaque background so that the subtitles are ALWAYS readable regardless of the scene.

Try reading the blu-ray subtitles on a light background, or a background that has snow as a backdrop. Yeah, good luck with that.
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