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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Decent for the Zoidberg character study (his relationships are really being fleshed out these days), but too broad otherwise.

Given how easily Futurama characters can be cut to pieces and put back together, or otherwise survive horrible dismemberments, I'm increasingly convinced that everyone in the 31st century is a beneficiary of advanced nanotechnological augmentation, with sophisticated self-repair systems. How else could Hermes come back to life just from having his brain loosely placed on top of his head? And where did those stitches come from once it was in place? Basically what we're seeing is a transhuman species that's largely immune to death except in cases of extreme bodily destruction or dissolution (and even that can be recovered from with stem cells), which could explain why they're so casual about facing (or inflicting) mortal injury and dismemberment. Evidently this augmentation is extended to revived cryonics subjects as well, given that Fry shows similar nigh-invulnerability.
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