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Re: What's next for Batman...

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I don't want to see another origin story. Writers are lazy. They think the audience is stupid (and maybe the audience is). But a Superhero film that starts in medias res with a compelling story would be fantastic. Any superhero. I don't care how they became a superhero, I want to know what they can do with their superpowers. If you're a good writer, you can tell us how they became that superhero somewhere in the middle of the story, but I don't need 45 minutes of a 90 minute film devoted to the origin.

Superman Returns almost started out this way, but still tried to shoe-horn itself into the Donner movies. The first scene in the movie should have been Superman saving the jet. Of course, the rest of that movie had problems too, but that's why they're rebooting it.

I know it was only a minute long, but the clip from Entourage featuring James Cameron's Aquaman is exactly what I'd be looking for in an Aquaman movie. It wasn't cheesy. Everyone loves to rip on Aquaman for being lame, but they made him look legit.
Yeah, I have to agree on the origin story thing. At this point Batman's origin is enough of a part of pop culture that going over it again seems unnecessary. If they really want to do it, they can always go the Incredible Hulk route, and just play it out either through a couple of quick flashbacks, or get it out of the way during the credits.

As for Aquaman, how was the CW (or was it WB at the time) pilot?
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