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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

So, didn't Clark manage to save Lois without revealing himself to be Superman and without even using the Superman persona? (I seem to recall him using super breath or something to manipulate an awning... or something.)

Wouldn't this pretty much traumatize Lois? I mean it should hit her like a giant 1000-Ton ACME anvil that she just nearly died on a hunch (even a hunch she was 100% correct on both in reality and in her mind) and only "saved" by dumb luck.

I agree SMIII has certain Silver Age charms to it but at times tries way too hard (again, slapstick opening credits crawl) and pretty much any scene involving Richard Pryor (an amazingly, fabulously funny guy but he just wasn't in this movie and used way too much.)

I really look forward to this new take on Superman in theaters... A year from now.
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