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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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^Very good! Very good.

Now, that brings me back to my point--assuming Romulans, or any of the other members, do not have such people--merchants, or what have you--on Tzenketh...I'd sure as heck like to get a look at the minutes of the negotiations that somehow managed to result in something so one-sided!
With respect, no, that had not been your point. Your first point had been that there would be hell to pay if the rest of the Pact found out the Tzenkethi were manipulating the Romulans;
Which still stands. No one can deny that there would be.

your second point was that the Tzenkethi must have had moles on Romulus and that therefore the Romulans could have moles on Ab-Tzenketh. At no point were you suggesting that the Romulans could manipulate the Tzenkethi through covert assassinations without using Tzenkethi moles.
What I was suggesting, Sci--what had been my point--was that if the Tzenkethi were able to manipulate the Romulans with boots on the ground (and I freely admit, perhaps "moles" was too narrow a term, and I apologize for the confusion*)...than why wouldn't the Romulans, or some other power in the Pact, be able to do the same?

Now, rfmcdpei theorizes the explanation that Tzenketh is more paranoid and xeniphobic than Romulus.

Perhaps I could allow for that. However--as I said before, I am astonished at the idea that the Pact members would consent to a treaty that would allow one member to effectively close its borders so thoroughly to the other member races. Also, if the Tzenkethi are so xenophobic, why would they even have merchants or traders, in the first place? (Indeed, surely the members of the Pact would smell a rat at this hypocrisy--they are open in the sense of sending its citizens out...but closed in the sense of allowing others--even its own allies--in.)

Of course...the "real life solution" is--"the plot wouldn't work, if the treaty made sense". But to be honest...DRGIII is far too good a writer to engage in such plot holes. I therefore assume that something else was going on amid that novel's events--that he does have an explanation, which he hasn't yet revealed to us.

Finally...are we somehow to believe that Romulan security--especially including the Tal Shiar--is somehow so loose and so lax as to allow foreigners to carry out such assasinations--especially of the Praetor?! How could the Tal Shiar, of all organizations, even allow such people to have such an opportunity--and somehow leave no tracks for the Tal Shiar to pick up?

As rfmcdpei also noted, even the autarch didn't expect it to work like it did.

At the very least...I cannot believe that the Romulans would not even suspect outsiders. So--suddenly, we're to believe that the Tal Shiar's competence level has suddenly plummeted, for whatever reason.

*(Then again--perhaps I might be justified in invoking moles, after all. So somehow foreigners were able to sufficiently be in a position to assasinate the Praetor and--probably--Donatra...and "try" to assasinate Spock...without inside help? Again--the Tal Shiar, and the reputation of Romulan security in general, makes that very hard to believe. I could understand Spock--and perhaps Donatra, their both being enemies of the Empire at the time. The Empire could have neglected to ensure their security. But the Praetor? No.)
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