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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x22 - "Ascension" (part 3 of 3). SEASON FINALE

I would say the lead up to Destiny (and the elements of the Vaughn/Sisko/Dax storylines from the first batch of Typhon Pact novels) would be the tail end of one season (spread over six episodes, perhaps - one with Sisko, one with Vaughn, one with Ezri showing her taking command of Aventine, then picking up her thread in the Destiny novels) then ASD would constitute the spine of one season, with the new duology and the other Typhon Pact novels being the spine of another season - to say more about the breaking points of the season would proove to be a spoiler. So I shall wait.

But that's three seasons there. If Im counting right - there's only roughly one, maybe two, more seasons space to fit in there.
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