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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Homeland and The Office are from genres that are generally healthy in America, the thriller and the workplace comedy. They could be pitched just on that basis alone.
Actually, Prisoners of War (the source material for Homeland) is not a thriller. It's a drama, and most of the focus of the drama is on the impact the returning Israeli veterans have on their family's lives.

Homeland shifts the equation, going from two prisoners returning home to one prisoner returning home, and giving far greater emphasis (and immediacy) to the part of the series that dealt with intelligence agents analyzing the veteran's behaviour, turning them into the show's protagonists rather than distant secondary characters.

While Homeland still recycles a lot of elements from the Israeli series it's a very different show. Which leads to the following:

What is the value of Blake's 7' vs Generic New Space Opera Series?
This one has been successful, somewhere. Honestly why bother getting the rights to Prisoner of War for Homeland, a series that probably owes as much to 24 if not more? An adaption of a specific space opera property sounds a little safer than a brand new space opera venture.
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