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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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For one thing, its considered bad luck to rename a ship
Umm, no. It's a time-honored custom to rename ships, especially warships that change ownership. You just have to do a silly little ceremony to appease the gods of the sea, if you're into that stuff.

It does just seem that the E-A was about giving Kirk what they thought he wanted.
Or what he deserved. They did give him a ship of somewhat aged type that wasn't working properly and got decommissioned half a decade later. And then they gave him an assured-failure mission to perform with her, in ST5:TFF. And after he succeeded against odds, they gave him another assured-failure mission, in ST:TUC, hoping that he'd die and/or ignite a war. And then it turned out that the ship would be decommissioned, after barely half a decade of service.

Those are the apparent facts; whether they should be interpreted as Starfleet really liking Kirk or Starfleet really hating Kirk is for everybody to personally decide...

Timo Saloniemi
There are those who feel it's bad luck to rename a ship, even though it happens all the time. The escort carrier USS Midway had its name changed to USS St. Lo in early October 1944 and then became the first ship sunk by a kamikaze plane just a couple of weeks later.
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