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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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But she wasn't "attempting suicide." By definition, attempting suicide means taking an action that you expect will result in your probable or certain death. Lois was so confident of her conclusion that Clark was Superman -- which, again, was absolutely correct -- that she did not consider herself to be in any significant danger. She considered the risk of death to be low enough that it was worth taking that risk to achieve her goal. Which, as a survey of Lois Lane's career on screen and page will demonstrate, is something she does as a matter of routine.

Sure, as I said, she miscalculated about Clark's ingenuity at hiding his identity -- but she did not miscalculate about the level of danger she was in by jumping out that window, namely, none.
Seriously, no. Attempting to kill yourself to prove a theory is incredibly insane.
Except she wasn't "attempting to kill herself". She was in as much danger as a person jumping into a giant inflatable cushion, and she knew that.
Even if Clark turned into Superman and saved her, how does that prove that he's Superman if she didn't see him change into Superman? For a reproter who's supposed to report the facts there's no facts to prove that Clark is Superman. And this was the same woman who got stuck under a nuclear bomb at the start of the movie, she clearly has a streak of insanity in her.
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