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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I'm sure there are plenty of pitches that have inherent merit, and are in a genre that has more current credibility, that will therefore have an advantage.

Or to put it another way, as far as we know, the studios turn down great pitches ten times a day, each with plenty of merit. I don't doubt there is plenty of talent out there trying their best to sell stuff. but what gets bought, is driven by other considerations, such as that the pitch has some kind of guarantee of success, even if that guarantee is an illusion, such as a brand name that means nothing of substance if the resulting show gallops off in some completely different direction.

Another important factor is the track record of the people making the pitch of having successful shows on American TV. If JJ Abrams were pitching B7, I bet it's odds would be a lot better. In fact, that's probably the most important element - the person, followed by the brand name. As for the quality of what theyre pitching, it's all in the execution anyway.

Space opera has already got a heavy strike against it, just being a space opera, which is expensive, niche audience, and the suits cant point to another current success to justify their decision. So thats going to make any B7 pitch sound bad to the ears of the people with the money.

That doesn't mean it couldn't be a good show, just that it probably won't make it through all the hoops it faces. The idea of lining up international co-production to spread the risk is a good idea, since that squarely addresses one of the biggest obstacles it faces.

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