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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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They should release the DVDs just to assess interest in America. The biggest benefit of any reboot is having a big brand name - any potential buyer is going to want to assess that.

Did the series even air in America?
I doubt that's important. I mean, to put it another way, it's an American remake of a foreign TV series. The US Office, Homeland, etc. most of these shows don't assume or require that there is an audience which is familiar with the original program.
Homeland and The Office are from genres that are generally healthy in America, the thriller and the workplace comedy. They could be pitched just on that basis alone.

But trying to sell in a show from a genre that isn't so healthy nowadays is going to require more persuation. If they can't point to some kind of cult following in America, then what are they going to use to make their case? What is the value of Blake's 7' vs Generic New Space Opera Series? Or even worse, vs Yet Another Vampire or Fairy Tale Show?

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As with Battlestar Galactica if it wasn't for the original series audience there'd really be no talk of a remake.
If the original series audience is the only reason why there's talk of a BSG remake, then talk is all it'll ever be.
My theory is that the remake phenomenon on TV is more about making the suits comfortable with the notion of taking a risk, especially for sf/f which is inherently risky, and not so much about appealing to a fanbase which may not even be around in any large numbers by the time the remake is made.

This is the only way I can think of to explain the sheer weirdness of green lighting something because it's a known property and then proceeding to ignore the substance of that property. Clearly the image and not the substance was what was green lighted in the first place.

But even so, there needs to be something to that fig leaf. Show X was a success at some point, so the remake is more likely to be a success, even if it has little to do with the original, like BSG and now The Munsters. The problem with Blake's 7 is, it doesn't even have the fig leaf. So how are they going to sell it?

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