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Re: TMP Epsilon 9 radio chatter

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The tech manual was a best seller for a surprisingly long time and it wasn't til later, around the mid-80's/pre-production of TNG that Gene Roddenberry declared his starship design rules fiat to gank the FJ work...
As an aside, there is an excellent interview with FJ's daughter over at Trekplace where she goes into great detail about how and why that GR attitude came about. Long story short, blame the studio for most of it:
Wow - first time I ever read this and it's over 10 years old! A very interesting perspective of FJ's and the early days of the Tech Manual/Blueprints production. It's truly a shame that things turned out the way they did and FJ's work was never fully accepted into the "canon". Oh, well. It's probably the best bit of Trek apocrypha out there! The Dead Sea Scrolls and Gnostic Gospels for Trekkers.
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