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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The issues with Haven are right at the beginning of the episode and are impossible to miss.
What are you hearing, specifically? I don't hear a problem (an echo) until about 27:27 into the episode... when Troi meets Riker on the holodeck. You're watching on a 7.1 system, correct?
When I switch back to the 7.1 track it makes it worse. Audio effects are fine, just the voices sound like there coming through a tin can.
Hmm... must be an artifact of watching it downmixed to 2.0 on your 32". The duplicated dialogue on the left and right channels doesn't adversely affect the episode for me until the scene I mentioned. I'm pretty sure if they get rid of the dialogue on those tracks (on each affected episode), everything will go back to normal for everyone -- on the 7.1 mixes, anyway.
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