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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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I highly doubt these review sites went through all 26 episodes plus all the bonus materials scrutinizing every detail as we fans are in the process of doing. This is their job and they wont spend the better part of a week (8 hours per day, ~26 hours of material) on a single review that may earn the a few dollars in ad revenue. I can't say I blame them for missing the details since the major issues are in EaF and then mixed sporadically throughout the season.
Then they should've put a disclaimer at the beginning of their reviews stating they didn't actually watch the set. They damage their credibility by just parroting talking points from CBS.
I didn't say they just repeated the press release, I'm sure they did watch parts of the show, but it's just not feasible that they would watch an entire season of a tv show for a review of a show that's been out 25 years. All they needed was to watch a sample to review the updates and enhancements. Given that these problems are only in a handful of episodes, it's quite possible they just didn't encounter them.
From The Digital Bits review:

Having now seen six complete episodes of the first season (and sampled the rest), everything I said before still stands.


The issues with Haven are right at the beginning of the episode and are impossible to miss.
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