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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aeon, the timeship piloted by 29th century Captain Braxton during his most notable encounter with Captain Janeway and the USS Voyager.
B is for Berlinghoff Rasmussen, a time traveler who came aboard the Enterprise-D, after stealing a time-pod.
C is for Correct change, which Kirk and Spock lacked in order to ride the San Francisco transit bus back in 1986.
D is for Data's head, which is 500 years older than the rest of his body thanks to time travel.
E is for Enterprise, which travelled through time occasionally.
F is for Firstborn, the episode in which Alexander Rozhenko travels back in time to change his future.
G is for George and Gracie. Two humpback whales from 1986 who were transported three hundred years into the future to save Earth.
H is for HMS Bounty, the ship which traveled back in time to get those humpback whales.
I is for implosion. Caused by the detonation of red matter. Which leads to the creation of a time-traveling wormhole.
J is for Janeway. Captain Kathryn Janeway. The bane of a future Federation timeship captain's existence.
K is for Kirk, James T. Who was according to at least one Temporal Agent was a menace with seventeen seperate temporal violations.
L is for Lily Sloane, who Captain Picard met while time traveling.
M is for Madeleine, who couldn't help but interrupt Dr. Nichols at Plexicorp at a sensitive moment.
N is for Nexus, the realm where one's thoughts shape reality and time was not linear, and allowed Kirk to travel to the future with Picard.
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