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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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An additional 7 were in the can by the time the series premiered on September 28th.
Which would give them nine completed episodes when you factor in Farpoint, plus "in the can" means completely done and ready for airing. I'm sure they probably had some that were shot and still waiting for post-production processing.
I'm not sure. I know that the following episode, Hide & Q, has its filming dates starting on the 28th September, ie. the day of the premiere.

The ratings did continue to get better the longer the show ran, but it was an unqualified hit right out of the gate and never lost steam from a ratings perspective.
The only thing I could see with the ratings was that it takes an initial dip over the first 4/5 episodes, but then starts to increase again afterwards, through to the end of the season.
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